Fall Maintenance Checklist

Fall Maintenance Checklist


It’s September, and fall is in full swing. As the seasons change, the national capital region will put a wide variety of colours on full display for us to enjoy. But while the leaves are beautiful, they can provide their own set of tasks to deal with. Your property will need some additional work in order to stay beautiful and come back to its fullest in the springtime. That’s why we’ve put together this fall maintenance checklist, so that you can keep your home and property in tip-top shape as the days get cool and blustery. If you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll see how a small effort can go a long way.


Inspect your gutters and downspouts.


As the leaves start to fall, they can quickly clog up your gutters and downspouts. You should check them at least once a month during the fall (and more often if you have many trees on your property). This, along with any residue left throughout the summer by critters and stray gusts of wind, could lead to water damage on your roof and sometimes flooding inside of your home. Fall and winter can bring a lot of rain and snow, which is why you want to be extra careful as there’s increased risk for water damage.


Rake leaves regularly.


While you’ll find this task on your spring checklist, it’s important to do several rounds in the fall as well. Your grass is still alive during the wintertime, it’s only gone dormant fighting to conserve precious nutrients. Not only can raking boost your curb appeal, but it also prevents rotting leaves and other debris from harming your lawn.


Fertilize, dethatch and aerate.


Fertilizing, dethatching and aerating are other ways you can care for your lawn during the fall. They will help keep your lawn healthy so that it can come back to its fullest during the springtime. Dethatching and aerating can both be done with a variety of machines and tools, likely widely available for rent and/or purchase.


Trim any overgrown branches.


Fall tends to be a pretty stormy season, so make sure you trim any overgrown branches that could cause damage if picked up by a strong gust of wind. Trimming these branches may also reduce the amount of leaves that fall on your lawn, which is an added benefit.


Keep cozy this season!

We hope that through following all of these tips and tricks, you and your and your household will be able to enjoy a comfortable, stress-free fall season! If you have any further questions about keeping your home in tip-top shape during the fall, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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