Infill Homes Provide Great Opportunities

Though it can be a sticky subject, infill homes provide great opportunity to neighbourhoods. The construction process may cause some headaches, but the positive outcome for the community, if done correctly can largely eclipse the negative. Infill construction can bring a new type of buyer to a neighbourhood, can increase property values of existing properties, and are an important part of the gentrification process.

What Are Infill Homes?

The word infill, in an urban planning context, refers to the rededication of land in an urban environment. This can be achieved through building on a vacant lot or by tearing down an existing structure to replace it with something completely new. In Ottawa, we see a lot of infill construction in established and older neighbourhoods where the lots may be large but the homes are smaller. In most cases, a smaller run down home is torn down to make room for a new larger modern home.

Infill Construction Provides More Options to Buyers

Buyers interested in an older neighbourhood now have more options in terms of types of housing available. Buyers are now able to get suburban size homes in the urban setting. This attracts a different type of buyer to the neighbourhood and allows for growth. In today’s market, more and more people want to live in central locations but also want the perks of owning a newer home with a modern layout and infill construction allows for just that.

A New Home in an Established Neighbourhood

If you buy a new home in the suburbs, you often have to wait years for all the amenities that the community will eventually offer. Infill construction allows for the perks of living in a new home but within an established community that already has schools, parks, shopping, and all the other things that come over time as a neighbourhood becomes established.

Increasing Density

Many older homes are smaller and built on large properties and it could be argued that this space is being underutilized in a popular neighbourhood. In some cases the construction of multi-unit buildings can provide additional housing without adding to urban sprawl and this too can be seen as a positive. With proper care and consideration in the style of construction that already exists in the community (number of stories, parking etc.), these multi-unit dwellings can be a great addition to any neighbourhood.


Gentrification is the process of rejuvenating deteriorated urban neighbourhoods. This is a trend throughout the world as more and more people are moving away from the suburbs, wanting to live in a more central location. Historically speaking, this is a new trend as city centres of the past were always home to high density housing and higher pollution which led to lower property values. Through renovation and infill construction, urban neighbourhoods are seeing property values rise due and we have seen a flip in this philosophy.

Options in Infill Construction

If you are looking for modern conveniences in an established neighbourhood, you have two options: you can look for an already built infill home or take on the project yourself by finding a suitable property to build your dream home. Whichever you choose, we would love to help you on your journey to finding (or building) your perfect home.


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